Three infomercials in a row, all targeting aging women

Crepe Erase
Meaningful Beauty

I’ll admit Plexaderm had some male models.

As an older woman,

I don’t appreciate the help, TV.

Nothing helps with anti aging except plastic surgery and retinol (to a much lesser extent) anyway.

These ads just push us to keep trying to stay young looking.

That’s a lot of pressure.

I’ve noticed my peers not taking aging very well.

I fear for when we’re all old ladies.

Such a vain generation.

We’ll probably all look wind blown from all the plastic surgery.

At 37, I’m the only one of my friends (IRL) that hasn’t had facial work done.

And I definitely look the most like a swamp hag.

It sucks.

Why do these infomercials make me feel like I’m not doing enough?

For gods sake, Jane Seymour is in the Crepe Erase commercials and she looks better than I do.

She’s like 70!

I don’t want to have to be sexy until I’m dead.


You’re not even middle aged yet. Relax. I’m 78 and neat and clean is enough for me.


I get sooo many ED drug ads. So many.


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When I first started reading your post, I thought you might be around my age, and then I read 37. I’m 55, and let me tell you that there’s nothing sexier than being healthy. Fabricated “sexiness” is boring and a waste of time. Keep yourself as healthy as possible. Try to eat well and stay as fit as your body lets you. And pursue interests that keep your mind occupied and sharp. That’s “sexy”.


True that there are a lot of ED ads.

I didn’t think about that.

@Hedgehog, thank you for the reply.

That makes a lot of sense and is doable.

I appreciate it!


ED meds are free.

How did this turn into another dick thread?


Media likes to try to paint a picture that were not good enough not beautiful enough or not doing enough etc.

So they put the carrot of perfection on a stick and then people chase it.

I say just do the basics. When were all 90 were gonna look 90 :blush:

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We have a lot off incontience pad adds here in England.

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We do in the US also.

But mostly targeted at women.

The IC pad adds are all lovely looking older ladies, slim and active.


I got into a habit of avoiding ads years ago. I refuse to be marketed to lol.

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I like to watch infomercials in the morning.

I enjoy them for some reason.


Is infomercials the same as those TV shop commercials?
In that case, I love how silly they get, and how incredibly amazing they hype up their products to be.
“The most dirty floor in the world except for an actual dirt floor? Our Super Amazeballs Magical Vacuum 3000tm will have it shiny as a diamond in no time!”


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