Thread Possession

Someone wrote “Get the hell off my thread.” (On another thread.) I guess I wasn’t aware that one had (legal?) possession of a thread (here or anywhere else).

I figure this: If I put it out there, it’s in the public domain. (I also figure that on a sz forum… well,… you know.) ( :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :no_mouth: )


Which Thread? …

Mine. My own. My precious.

Gollum! Gollum!



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I own the mineral rights to all threads. Render unto firemonkey what is firemonkey’s. :wink:


Just about to go to the washroom to make a deposit. A mineral deposit. :wink:




i thought the person who started the thread was in some way responsible for it

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I’ve never heard of anything called My Thread

I thought this forum was for everyone to participate on.

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Actually it was me that did it because I’d run out of patience for folks who were posting off topic to a thread that I’d started. No, I don’t own anything here. I do own my common courtesy when posting to threads and try to make sure I’m on topic - not arguing a side topic because I feel personally threatened, which is exactly why the others were posting off topic. Not that I can read minds - I can analyze text. I extended an olive branch to the two others who were involved, but apparently this gentleman isn’t interested.

Isn’t is just So F-----G Vital to the battered little boy who believes to the point of self-abuse in moral / religious righteousness… to be =right=?

(I had to come to grips with that or alienate everyone I knew when I was in my 20s.) ( :unamused: )

You sir, are a predator. I know your colors well. There are a lot of decent people who come here. You are not among them. You aren’t my doctor or therapist. And my mental condition is nothing for you to tred on, but of course, you feel that profanity is okay for you because you’re special. I see you trolling this site and starting trouble, not only for me, but for others as well. You THINK you’re a professional but aren’t, and I don’t care what your job was at the VA, because I don’t know if you were a therapist or a janitor. Keep on trolling, and I will dog your every step.

■■■■, that’ll keep you busy. (A good obsessive-compulsive needs a cause.)

Sounds to me like you’re obsessing about your false credentials.

Have you had any therapy where the therapist presented the concept of the “executive personality” or the “okay inner parent” or the “inner adult?” Were you ever dxd with “borderline personality disorder,” “dissociative identity disorder” or “multiple personalities?”

Don’t ask me personal questions about my healthcare! Like I said - you aren’t my doctor, you aren’t even a doctor at all, unless you’re hiding something. How dare you! Just who do YOU think YOU are?

Ok all,
simmer down,
Please be civil and supportive.
If you can’t do this,
please take a break for a few minutes until you can.

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Someone who participates on this forum. If you want to make some progress – let alone make any friends here who can trust you (trust pretty likely being the core issue here) – answer the questions. OR, enjoy triggering your PTSD. (I used to do this 24/7/365. I gave it up for lent one year. And never took it back.)

Nonsense! This man is asking really personal questions, and I don’t know him from Adam. Plus, in the same sentence, he’s dropping F bombs on me. He’s doing this stuff all over this site. I’m not wrong here. He started this thread as a way to antagonize me in the first place. How do I know that? Because there isn’t any other reason he would.

No sir, these things are none of your business. If you want to share legitimate information that’s one thing, but playing doctor is playing with fire. And if that’s the way its done around here, I’m gone, and I’m filing a report with heath authorities about this site. But before I go, I’ll take the issue up with the administrators.