This site in intolerant against people who mention God but dont push their beliefs on to others. WHERE IS MY FREEDOM?

I think it’s just best to steer clear of religious discussions all together.


I’m not religious. I just have faith in God. I don’t pray, I don’t go to any church. I talk to God sometimes and believe rhat he hears those who suffer. What’s so bad about it? Faith is a positive thing. Faith is light and hope

I have faith too and I’m not religious. Sorry I’m not gonna say anything more in this thread other than I hope you find what you’re looking for and I wish you luck.

But why? Why talk about everuthing else??? Why not mention God??? U want privileges??? But I want my freedom of speech. I live in democracy. Internet is where people connect and if you wanna talk aboiut cats and what food you ate this morning rhats fine by me. So in return why don’t you accept that people sometimes will talk religion related talks. Dont steal peoples voice!!! Dont silence people!!! Who donnotjingn wrong

Very happy to hear that. Sad to see that people are angry and so easily offended about this topic. I bet Im gonna be suspended once again just by exposing this forums intolerance and discrimination. Wrongful accusations and etc

Lost post before close hold the heathen hammer high…

I just think discussions about politics and religion tend to go off the rails. I always try to avoid those two subjects

And as far as freedom of speech, there are limits on speech. While this is a public site, it is privately owned, which gives the owner the right to limit certain types of speech.

Oh damit… you telling some who’s sz and afraid of church to go to church is dumb…point blank…I pray that people stop teaching ignorant religion to their kids at least give them a dam chance…

Eats popcorn…

Im sorry that religion shaped this world and so did politics. Of course they are gonna be talked about. What can i say shame upon you all. Stealing peoples rights, freedom of speech.

the crux of the matter is that there are a lot of people on this site and lurking who have or have had problems with religion and because of that i think thats why we are limited on what we can say

Boohoo your religion used my ancestors as fighting dogs…your religion is intolerant thus so are you…go back to your master and sit like a good sheep

You are ignorant yourself. Theres a good and bad side to everything yet you chosen to see the bad. What a miserable life you must lead

guys, chill, we are all human :slight_smile:

No its actually peachy I’m not worried about a false god and his pmsing whims

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Doing this to close this ■■■■

I ain’t religious yet you go and attack me with no reason. Read my first comments. Im not religious. I have faith in God. I have faith but you aint go any. This is why you are such negative person. I guess??

I think it is almost ready

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