This place will always remain fundamental to my story in life

Just saying thanks. There are already 6 or so people that have crossed my mind. Bound to be followed by many many others.

I cannot thank all of those who have ever given me encouragement in the past on here. @jukebox my immediately southern friend. I remember talking with you and I will say it was crucial for me at the time to have a friend like you back then.

… There are too many. I still feel compelled to check in on the site. I see a whole lotta the same… But while that sounds drab… it is the same “whole lotta the same” that got me through 2 to 3 years of an incubated… largely bedridden phase of my life.

I won’t forget this place. It is priceless… and I’m damn glad it’s here. I know what it represents and can do… because it did it for me.

Thank you, my old comrades.


This website has been kind to me although I wasn’t kind to it in hindsight but glad to give back these years later.


aw man, thanks a lot !! don’t be a stranger…we miss you !!


I’m doing fine… same town… same job… same friends… same thoughts… same symptoms… but they have gotten a lot milder as I’ve lived through the “great cycle” of my patterns.

You older folks are highly inspiring… I mean again there are so many of you. It was most crucial to both see and get to know that people survive that first onslaught… that first breakdown… and it can actually produced some very cool… very real… very great people.

I’m happy… I don’t know what else to say. I fought long and hard and I finely don’t feel schizophrenic if you will… at least not most of the time. And it’s just great to know a community that get the ups and downs. People that make things feel normal just by living with it. It’s not complicated… it’s just a disease… and no you are still very much alive. Just like every one else.

I’ll be around. @rogueone you are one of them my friend! GOOOOD PEOOOOPLE!

hah. Peace :green_heart: :v:

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I’m glad you’ll be around. Peer support really does make a difference and so happy your in a good headspace. I thought you were leaving us…:frowning: My bad…but more power to you.

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