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I just feel like writing…
I want you all to see
because I’m as vain as can be

So what shall it be
this unfolding

what do you want to see
what do you want me to be

lemme see and it’ll

dance and sing mother ■■■■■■■
this world is boring

constrainted to an isolate
these human beings

the judged and judging

silence as much as the noise
we all seek all place
we know that’s all it’ll ever be
noise as much silence

find your place to make

… ■■■■ make noise all around

shake it up
break some hearts

blare your music
loud as can be

and dance and sing

the tranquility of silence broken by the presence of quiet beings

maybe I’m broken for wanting the noise
but I’m no longer interested in the toys

can’t be preoccupied
I want to see the human light

the genius we all have inside
make it vibrant, make it bright

let’s make this place this place more alive
scorch the earth
burn the minds
of all those who seek to hide

the universal reality
of which we are all a part
to see it so dismal
breaks my heart

love and peace as always my fellow sz
the ultimate brotherhood it be

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