This is not to insult or brag

I guess for most of my 37 years with schizophrenia I’ve been around high-functioning mentally ill people.
And I’ve been high functioning. I’ve been around low-functioning in hospitals and maybe one or two group homes. But never like I’m at now. I now live in a big city near downtown. I don’t go around insulting people on these forums or in real life. But now I’m with seriously ill people.

I live in a complex for mentally ill people with no staff and no supervision. Literally every day I have my fellow tenants and neighbors raving, yelling, angry, speaking in gibberish. I have to admit I like a little drama occasionally, but not non-stop. It’s not that I don’t like them. People here are polite and friendly even if they turn on you on a dime. I’m being cautious. Discretion is the better part of valor. I want to live a long, long time and I pride myself on the fact that in 37 years I have not laid a hand on anybody.

My sole slip was when some guy spit on me when I was 19 and I through a cereal bowl at his face (and missed). I get a little angry at strangers sometimes but nothing serious. My sisters tell me, “Leave people alone”. And for the most part I do. But leaving people alone and just frying to get along is an open invitation to be picked on. I am sorry to get negative for a moment especially since most people are nice to me especially on these forums which I appreciate. Ah well, tomorrow. A new day, and probably good weather. Work and a dentist appointment. School starts tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it.


Nice Story ,

What if you are able to insult & Brag at tha Same T(Y)me (???) ,

Would that make Someone a Hero of Sorts (???)

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I don’t mean to seem rude, why do you type the way that you type? :slight_smile: just out of curiosity! I’m :nose:t2:Y


Hmm ,

It’s a Sort of a Computer Forum Evolution Of Sorts … ,

e(Y)e Never Really Paid Much Existence With Partaking Within tha Conversations That Went On With Old Forums … ,

But e(Y)e Fell In Love With a Gurl and Started To Try and Be More Interesting … ,

No One Asked At First , it Jus Was How e(Y)e Was … ,

No One Seemed to Care About it , So e(Y)e , Jus Continued to Fynde Better Ways to Communicate … ,

Honestly e(Y)e Thot it Would Be Easier to Read and Possibly Be Helpful to Understand Problematic Issues Better … ,

When e(Y)e Got Here it Seemed to Offend Some Peoples … ,

Their Problem Naught Myne … ,

It’s Who e(Y)e am Kinda … ,

Yap Yap (!!!)


Do you!! :slight_smile: it doesn’t bother me at all, thanks for satisfying my curiosity :slight_smile:

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You .

Are .

Welcome .




Have .


A .


Good .


Dai .



must have been a boring cereal.

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Thanks love! You too :slight_smile:

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@77nick77 Could you look into moving to another board and care home?


I could do that @Moonbeam. I could look into it. I complain that there’s no staff here but, in a way, that’s a good thing.

This place is independent living. I can come and go as I please and that makes it attractive to me.

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@77nick77 Do you still get meals at the new room and board?

Yes, they bring them from the place I lived in down the street.

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Well, once I thought I was being helpful by spelling everything phonetically until I realized I had messed up my own reading skills because English is read by word recognition having nothing to do with spelling.

First Mistake .


Soz e(Y)e’m Dumb .