This is for people with prolactin problems, you can lower it by 65% with this cheap supplement is a study that involves people treated with 300 mg of Vitamin E a day for eight weeks, and it found that prolactin levels successfully lowered by 65% after that time!

I find that it stops my breast pain too, which is great, since I’m not about to give up my antipsychotic for breast cancer fears.

Not if you’re on an AP though?

These results show that vitamin E treatment lowers prolactin levels in uremic hemodialysis patients. This might be due to inhibition of central prolactin secretion. Vitamin E inhibits pituitary gland hypertrophy in vitamin E-deficient rats

Adding a small dose of abilify to your AP mix will work to lower it if you’re on an AP.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that suggests it won’t work with an AP. APs increase prolactin secretion, and Vitamin E will inhibit it, apparently.

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This study was on uremic patients, do you think Vitamin E will help healthy people too?

Anyone else have success lowering prolactin with Vitamin E supplementation?

I take abilify to lower prolactin.

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