This dream I had

My dream was so weird and scary.

I met with an ex gf of mine and she had a bunch of tattoos. Then I noticed one on her face about her mom which I said I liked. She explains it to me and then goes on to say that these carvings on her cheeks ■■■■■■ her up. And those carvings ■■■■ ME up when I think about them. The carvings looked like this:

The white parts in the middle were the places where her cheek was carved out. And it was like expert carvings too. These carvings were so precise it looked like polished wooden art. She was able to get white make up in there to look like a Geisha. And there was more than one. Man it creeps me out.

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I have so weird crappy weird shitty weird gross dreams too. I wake up and move on


It didn’t bother me until I woke up and started thinking about it. Oh well.

@anon1571434 I get intense and weird dreams too. I just try not to look too deep into them.

Take care :v:

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I saw this today at a restaurant…

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oh. well that might explain it. you’ve been looking at too many Geisha pics…

lol lol just kidding. i don’t even know what a geisha is much. i’ve heard it in a book title though, back in schooldays.

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I have weird and freaky dreams all the time, especially if I find myself sleeping on my back. Last I dreamt I was a teenager and this girl in school was steeling from me, at first small things like pens…then by the end of the dream she had stolen my cell phone and was using it to buy stuff because it had my online wallet set up…

Another vivid dream I had I went into an elevator and it closed and started to go down but there weren’t any buttons on the inside or a phone or something to call for help and half way down the elevator stopped and I was stuck between walls. I was screaming for help but no one could hear me.