Third eye opening

Yes. Third eye opening. They do open. Don’t care if ya don’t like it.


is the third eye the unconscious eye that guides us?

There’s like chakras and kundalini stuff if you’re into that too.

But I just average all that into being mentally unwell. Not something to obsess over, cause I mean most of are lucky to know what planet we’re living on with the way SZ is.

It happened to me. Mine was spontaneous, no drugs or meditation involved. Third eye pales in comparison to the crown though. One of the wildest things that happened in my life in a good way. Its kind of like the polar oposite of being psychotic.

I think it took me about 40 years to entertain a third eye. I was always aware that I was missing social cues but I was paralyzed to do anything about it. It’s overwhelming with sz, all sorts of conundrums when trying to navigate the details. I think one of my friends thinks I am slow when it comes to seeing the light. oh well :man_shrugging:

a third nipple would be cool

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I had a roommate one who had three nipples lol.

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I would have been speechless seeing that

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Nothing to do with the original post, but every time I hear nipple:

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I heard that the third eye is a metaphor for paying attention to your own actions and thoughts. If that is the case, I think we all have a third eye opening.

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