‘Woke’ or delusional

Anyone else notice the similarities here? Between the ‘woke’ idea or movement and our schizophrenic ramblings? Just thought it was curious and might present something that shows that there are more functioning low spectrum sz types in the world than we think, or at least more influential ones. Also indigo children, have you guys heard non sz types label themselves this? It all sounds a bit delusional to me but then again maybe that’s because I AM delusional and have been talking about this kinda thing for years. Is it possible to be both a woke indigo child and a delusional schizophrenic or are they mutually exclusive?

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Or maybe it’s a symptom of psychedelic drug usage idk

Ive noticed a lot of similarities between performative wokeness and other puritanical fundamentalist organizations. There’s a good article I could share if it wasn’t against the forum rules. But basically, fundamentalism is bad, whether it’s on the left or the right. It damages and excludes the very people it claims to help.


The trend seems to be that more and more, people are looking for things to “call out” others for. Because pushing someone down the social ladder raises the person who did the call out up a few steps, and makes them look more in touch with issues than the person they called out.

I have so much to say about this but I can’t because of the no politics and no religion rules. Feel free to PM me if you want to hear my opinions.


If by ‘woke’ you mean more in touch with the universe and whatnot I believe the line of thinking falls in to some similarities with schizophrenic thinking.

This is also where I believe you are trying to tie in psychedelic drug use, I believe psychosis and psychedelics share a bit in common although the psychedelics are less dangerous in my opinion. Feeling one with the universe was common to me with both states of mind although psychedelics never caused me to want to lash out at others the way psychosis did.

That is not to say there isn’t an interrelationship between psychedelics and psychosis, some people slip from psychedelic intoxication to an agitated or delusional state but not, in my observations, the majority of cases.

There is definitely overlap with some mental chemistry in both psychosis and under psychedelic drug intoxication, in my experience the seeming connection to a higher power has come with both states. It sure is interesting but I definitely don’t feel close to those states on antipsychotics. No more being woke it seems…

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I hope I don’t seem like I’m insulting indigo children I kinda identify as one. But I have sz also. I just think it’s funny how many normies hold bizarre beliefs but aren’t labeled sz because they don’t hear or admit to hearing voices

Ya I used to talk a lot about the consciousness of things but on aps I don’t feel it as much. Probably healthier long term

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I dabbled with the idea of being an indigo child before I knew I was schizophrenic, but it kind of teeters on the edge of relabeling mental illness as something more unique and desirable.

I have a hard time not bluntly brushing off all spiritual connotations for those that identify as indigo children but if you do remove the spiritual or transcendent aspect you are more or less left with people who identify as thinking differently than many people.

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Same 151515151515 edit I think for many generations mental illness has been considered desirable ie many religious figures PERHAPS and we are in fact living in a time that is abnormally stigmatizing of mental illness. Or maybe it seesaws back and forth. Who knows

It probably is healthier long term but I miss thinking the way I did when I was more open and able to use psychedelics. They aren’t for everyone but they sure made things more interesting and more sparkly ha.

I have definitely talked about consciousness alot in the past.

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There seems to be a lot of cognitive dissonance in play in the “woke” community. Well, all over the damn political spectrum as well.


Ya my opinion of a lot of the concept of disability is that it’s a loophole to be more inclusive for our labor based society. We sorta generally hold this belief that everyone needs to work, an artifact of our evolution and the evolution of our institutions. Imo. But with decreasing need for labor it doesn’t seem fair that some get a life of leisure and there just is a competitive nature of labor. So we include people in our society but they’re labeled/we are labeled mentally ill. Kinda tangential but whatevs so am I.


The woke community definitely isn’t held together very cohesively ha

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