Thinking to introduce the antidepressant ... Light therapy doesn't help

Pdoc said to increase the dose of antipsychotic if I take an antidepressant to prevent mania… but why as I already take a mood stabalier, and an antipsychotic. I am thinking to not increase the antipsychotic but just to add teh antidepressant…]

So 10mg Abilify
600MG tegretol
and 10mg vortioxetine aka Brintellix or Trintellix

I think you should listen to your pdoc. Don’t experiment on your own just yet


well… she did say i could as I have not had a psychosis in years. the antipsychotic was to prevent the psychosis in the first place… If I do get signs of mania then onviously i will go to the dr and get the antipsychotic increased… i think i am pretty on it and have pretty good insight…

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Yeah listen to your pdoc if he tells you to buy aquarium then buy it

I am very crazy :crazy_face:

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apparently this med is easy to come off…

There’s a protocol to give bipolar patients antidepressants and that’s probably his reasoning. My pdoc told me about it once but I forget the meds he was going to use. I’d go along with his recommendation

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i guess i could increase the antipsychotic and add the antidepressant as only temporary measures and then come off of it in a few months… if it is seasonale then i should be able to …

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I wish to be on the minimum amount of medication. I would think adding and adding more drugs is not a good idea. I am on a single medication, Seroquel, at a dosage that works good for me and isn’t excessively high.

me too but i choose the meds over the suffering if it is a combo that works i have no choice.

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Sorry the light therapy doesn’t work for you. I’m sure your pdoc has reasons for the med change. I would try it, especially if it easy to get off of.

Have you tried exercise and a heathy diet to see what that can do for you?

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If I had the energy to do it I could I just froze my gym membership I don’t have the motivation at all.

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Hmm try to do something anything at all if you can! Start small, just 5 push ups or sit ups at a time. Thats like what i am doing to get back into it gradually. Exercise plus good food is going to raise your serotonin and endorphins making you feel stable and happy.

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