Thinking about what to buy with stimulus

Hey guys! I have no idea what to buy with my stimulus check. I wanna save it but I need supplements and coffee and hygiene. I’m a girl and I have no idea what to buy everything is so expensive I dont wanna spend the whole thing. What do you guys suggest?


Maybe set aside some money for a rainy day and spend the rest on essentials.


Mine is going to bills I already owe.


I haven’t gotten my stimulus check yet but I’ll save my money when it arrives.


Thank you I will I haven’t had any money in ages so I have alot of essentials I have to buy. I will try to save some as well as maybe get a job but I have a hard time learning with schizophrenia and bipolar type 2 so we’ll see.


Support a local food bank. Lots of people hurting and desperate.


I would buy bitcoins, its price went up from 7000$CA to 55 522$ in a few months and its still going up. I have 3.5 bitcoins now but forgot my pw bcz I was psychotic and unmedicated when I bought them for 200-300$CA each.


Horrible advice. Bitcoin is the biggest gamble on the planet.

Gambling is horrible.

There was a member on this board who lost over a milllion $ because of sz and the stock market.

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i’d save the money till you think of something you want/need. I just spend money on a lp record ocasionally but that is usually not so much.


Stock market is pretty much almost risk free if you know where to put your money, the government, Amazon, Apple or Microsoft will never go bankrupt, my brother doubled his money. I also made him invest in AMD as I read computer news everyday.

The more the risk the more money you make, that’s how it works.

sucks that you don’t have the password anymore… i’d be really bummed about that.

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Thats because he was unmedicated or his meds weren’t working.

I can’t believe that Tesla stock went up from 60$ to 875$ in less than 2 years, thats 15x your money!


I disagree. Every company will eventually go bankrupt.

Even Bezos had admitted amazon will eventually go belly up.

I have money invested but it’s all in mutual funds. I don’t own a single individual stock because it’s gambling.

Mutual funds are gambling too, but it’s a totally different ball game.

Also, I find of odd the moderators don’t give a ■■■■ about the ‘risks of gambling’ posts on this site. But without batting an eye will shut down a cannabis thread.

It’s actually not the moderators. It’s probably @SzAdmin

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When? No one keeps his stocks forever lol You just keep them 2-3 years. My brother doubled his money and cashed out. He used the money to buy his second house.

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I have a list of things I want, but not necessarily need. I need new pair of glasses,mattress and clothes, but i don’t need the stimulus for that. I need to quit my expensive addictions.


Cannabis is way more dangerous lol It causes schizophrenia and might kill you depending on your symptoms. I am not telling people to invest all their money, invest smartly which means a small amount you don’t mind losing.

Someone will come along and do it more efficiently/cheaper.

That’s why Tesla is worth more than GM/Ford/Chrysler combined.

Are you on Abilify? You seem to have addiction problems with cannabis, magic mushrooms, gambling etc If I were you I would stop taking Abilify. I had addiction issues when I was on Abilify.