Things you have done that you dont think many have

I have one for now… Last year or the year before… Smoke from the north I think…was making its way south… I stared at the sun for about 30 mins without it hurting my eyeseyes just a thin thin layer of Forrest smokesmoke keeping me from never seeing again… No sun glasses no instruments…just straight eyeball to sun gazing… Felt wrong and against nature…but I stared at the sun for long enough to go blind with my naked eye and still have perfect vision…I don’t think a lot have done that…lol

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Can’t say that I’ve done that one…

I’ve caught and held a humming bird long enough to help the poor thing get back outside where it belonged, it had flew into the shop’s garage door and got stuck in the sun roof.

I requested and received my (ex) father-in-laws piece of intestine they cut out in surgery for his Diverticulitis…oh don’t get all squeemishy, it was hermetically (double) sealed in a clear bag and a solution of formaldehyde inside. It was fascinating to me-- from a medical point of view. The doc’s thought it a funny thing too, so they made the bag one of those you can squeeze the squishy parts around in it.

oh my, did I loose a few of you?


When I was 18 I took a hit of acid and drove 70 miles to Monterrey Bay, stayed there for ten minutes, then turned around and then I drove 70 miles right back. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

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I’ve traveled the world. I went to Finland, Russia, Canada, and Mexico. I also went to Japan for three weeks. I got to practice my Japanese (I studied some in school).

P.S. Don’t stare at the sun!


I can’t mention any of them.
Oh, I’ve travelled the country and the world.

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Never done the first two… Posts… Haven’t been to most locations mentioned… Good stories even if I will pass on the bag of squishy guts and the acid trip…trip…lol

I touched a wild bear and a wild wolf seperately and mostly due to poor parental supervision …without losing my digits or being mauled…

Licked a banana slug…

Got tipsy with some gypsies in rome…

Watched a killer whale kill some deer…

Ate maggot poop cheese…and it was good…

Meditated with monks in a temple the jungles had taken back…

Watched it snow in the Mojave desert…

Held wild chipmonks…you try to grab one of those… I liked this one best of this list…idk why chipmonks make me happy…

Oh that’s awesome… Yea I know not to stare at the sun… I was watching a flock of birds fly… And they went in front of the sun… That’s when I noticed it didn’t cause the usual squinting pain when the sun even enters the peripheral… I knew it had to have been the smoke filtering…please don’t stare at the sun was not a challenge… The conditions were perfect all of 30 mins my whole life where the haze of high day old forrest smoke filtered enough to let me stare into our life sustaining ball of 10 million degree flames… Without causing injury…lol

I have a nerd question for you… But maybe a forum game in a separate thread would be better… I’ll @ you…

Aw, that’s really gross. I wanna try it. I’ll have to wait until I go to my Tia’s house though, unless I can get her to ‘Fed Ex’ me one.

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visited 48 states, figured out what’s funny, saw multiple UFOs, dated my female boss, got a part time job as an e list stagehand and sometimes worked with or for celebrities.

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One time during my high school wrestling career I was so dehydrated that I was able to increase my body weight by ten per cent over night by drinking fluids and eating. I went from 115 lbs to 127 lbs over night.


I was 16 and was working as an embalmer’s assistant at a funeral home where I got to embalm a former classmate. Also, was able to dissect down to the artery of a deceased woman to insert the embalming cannula.



I was on an aircraft carrier when my discharge became official, so the next day I was catapulted off the flight deck in a cargo plane.


These stories are all awesome thank you for sharing…

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