Things you do that make you feel mentally ill still

I bounce my legs I think there’s a syndrome known for it…but it bothers ppl. I try not to but do it without thinking…I also rock from one foot to the other when I stand for more than a few seconds…


If I’m in a store and there’s songs playing-

Sometimes the lyrics bring me back to my delusions.

That’s why I have a curated list of music I listen to


I take my regular medication.


Avoid things im afraid of. And getting anxious in social situations.


I rock back and forth in a chair for hours on end.


Me, too! I’ll rock back and forth sometimes and then front and back when I’m really agitated. My doc knows something is up when I rock at my appointments and he’ll call me out on it.


I lift my toes up and down on one foot ever since psychosis when I couldn’t sit still. I don’t even know I’m doing it people have pointed it out to me.

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When I was in hospital I used to pace the hall, up and down. There was another woman doing the same. When we’d pass each other we would (gently) shoulder bump sometimes , like a way of saying hello or something.

So now whenever I bump my shoulder against a wall in the house, I think of her and being mentally ill.


I am generally using telepathy, this i think i am still psyotic.

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definitely @Aku1 tell your pdoc about this…

Yes, ok this is a symptom. But I was not going to any psychiatrist at present. I can cope it. Many of symptoms i am coping now.

you need to find a pdoc man…you could go too far and then never seek help because your mind will lie to you and tell you you don’t need doctors…when in truth. that’s what you need right now…worried about you, bud. @Aku1

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You are right @jukebox . But you know, somehow I have learnt schizophrenia, I think. I knew some of phenomenal things in this year of suffering that is really related to coping skills. Don’t you believe, i am normal person after all positive symptoms of schizophrenia. With out any medicine.
I want to explain it here in this forum, but you know the forum rules don’t allow it.

I can add, if I remain normal for three years more, then I will file a court case for compensation against the psychiatrist. Its my plan.

dude, that’s not really going to work out for you…you don’t get compensation for seeing a psychiatrist, first of all…and secondly…good luck on not taking meds…you’ll probably disappear off the grid for a while you will be full blown psychosis…have you ever been full blown psychotic before?? it’s not pretty.

My mind seems to function like this also.

I am functioning higher than I normally do at the moment though with this delusion.

I also know this is from schizophrenia for me.

As of right now the best thing that stops my mind functioning like this is my medication.

It does completely go away and I can see how my mind should be functioning at moments without this symptom of my schizophrenia.

I wish you all the best with this.


Having to continually mask. Remember to make eye contact. Remember to laugh at humour that is not funny to me. Be aware of and moderate my body language appropriately.


This has been helping me since yesterday.

I got so serious I thought the humor was completely useless in life.

I was even stopping my own humor from coming out and I let it go a bit and started to enjoy myself a little more.

Why not i will get compensation. I should denie schizophrenia to me. And blame my first psychiatrist for wrong diagnosis and treatment. its all, i am planning.

It’s set up so you can’t do it so your probably barking up the wrong tree and seeing it’s based on symptoms and perception your not getting it done. Your not the first to think such a thing and I’ve yet to see anyone pull it off.

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