Things that bother you

apart from sz i mean,

i can’t think of anything right now except dog crap :shit: :dog2:

my mum has to give one of her dogs to the dogs trust bc she can’t cope with her which may seem cruel but we are hoping she will be on a farm or something where she can run more, she is one of those dogs that is totally unmanageable on the leash and tries to break free and spins around and walks in front of you which is not ideal for my mum with her sight problems, she has two dogs but the other one is so much calmer and if she is ever struggling with that one i will look after her but the only problem i have is lifting all of that :shit: but i know its not their faults.

I get bothered by silly things usually. It takes me some time occasionally but eventually I just realize it is silly and try to let it go. Both me and my mom are regularly irritated by the fact that companies that build things design their products so they fail after so many years. There is actually an economics term for it but it slips my mind. “They don’t build stuff to last.” kind of thoughts.

Our heat pump broke down and they guy who replaced it told my mom that they don’t build them to last more than ten years. It gets to me because we live in such a throw away consumer culture. There used to be a whole group of people who had the job of repairing stuff. Now we just throw everything away and buy new. But even that is just the price of progress so I try not to let it get to me.


The phrase “It may or may not happen.” Duh. As if there was an alternative.


I hate when you talk to someone you haven’t seen in a while and they say, “Oh, I was thinking of calling you”, when you know they weren’t. I texted my sister, after not being in communication with her for maybe six months and she tried that one on me. It’s been over a week since and no call. Yeah.


When I waste my time trying to explain my environment to people that don’t care to understand.


when i am in the middle of conquering another planet, and i’m in another fight with the jedi , and my lightsaber starts playing up !!..i mean come on…
take care


Attention seeking people while I’m driving. I just want to get from point A to point B without having to pay attention to a bunch of speeding idiots who are probably high or drunk anyway. I hate the distraction and I do my best to ignore them but it’s hard.

when people don’t pay attention to me and I have repeat myself like three or four times. I get really annoyed and mot of the time tell them screw it and move on with it. I also hate when my dad crunches on popcorn seeds left in the bowl after we empty it…it’s so irritating. If you want more popcorn go pop another bag…I could go on.

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Huge braggers really get under my skin. I do all I can to avoid them. They make me cringe. I should be more patient with them because that sort of grandiose thinking is usually a sign of a manic crash coming on.

People who marginalize others due to non-comparable standards… Example… the college student who looks down on the auto mechanic who never went to school, even though the auto mechanic is the best in the city and has his own business.

When I see people being snotty to others for not having the same life as them… that really upset me…

We are all on a different path and we do the best we can on that path. Having people on the outside looking in and saying how someone is trash or doesn’t measure up… That really gets to me.


I agree with you J, it bothers me when someone is so egocentric they are either the best at everything or the worst out of everyone has happened to them. When you believe that you have it the worst that is reverse narcissism and is still egocentric even if it sounds like they are putting themselves down.
My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t do their jobs. I’ve been encountering this a lot. It is aggravating when someone doesn’t do what they are supposed to and I have to deal with the consequences.
Lastly, it irks me when people type things on the web and it sounds like they’ve never been to school. My cousin’s girlfriend types “prolly” instead of probably and for some reason that bothers me. Is it really that hard to type a few more letters? It just makes people sound uneducated. I know it shouldn’t bother me but for some reason it does. Oh well what can you do? :sunny:


i’m really annoyed when i can’t do something like get my driving license soon :frowning: it feels like i’ll never get it now and i hate that fact, it also feels like i’ll never find anyone to be with as i am not good at talking to people i don’t know :frowning: i think i will get all nervous and panicky if i was to date a stranger off of the internet, i even try to look at dating sites online but i haven’t got the balls to talk to them, i think i am one of those guys that needs a woman to make the first move :frowning: thats why i am having a lot of trouble i think. and yes it really bothers me :frowning:

tbh everything is bothering me right now :frowning: sometimes i just hate myself and the world, its just ■■■■.

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what really annoys me is the silly comments some people make or totting car horns and yelling out windows when your just walking around. im upset about the wars going on now too.

I do not like self righteous - arrogant - pompous - bigger than life - pseudo intellectual - know it all type people.
Come to think about, these are the same qualities I possess when I become completely manic!!

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One thing that bothers me is when people use weak moments in time and turn it into a bad situation…locally speaking a cop in one of the subburbs of St. Louis shot an unarmed teenage boy who had both of his hands in the air.Last night a peace visual turned into a full blown riot with the crowd (mostly people with criminal backgrounds that were taking advantage of the situation) started looting near by stores. One gas station got burned almost to the ground with people still inside it. (I don’t think anyone in the store got hurt). Then cops emerged onto the scene shooting out pepper spray and tear gas. Today more protest arrived near the location. I mean I know it was horrible that an innocent teenager who was not armed got shot multiple times and died but going about looting and burning down stores that had nothing to do with the incident is not any better…two wrongs don’t make it right.


Interacting with people -

Onward Christian soldiers, partly because they affect elections.

I got not much bothering me at the moment,just sexual dysfunction from the medication and also low self esteem,feeling inferior also