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I am enrolled the technical college for a class in social work. So far I think I have been passing and doing well in the class. I have five classes left to take before I get the certificate in addiction studies. I could be a peer recovery coach or work in a rehab–or be an advocate for people to get services. If I take one class per semester I should finish by 2024. One class per semester spring, summer, and fall…and if I do that and move to town I could take the bus to school. There’s a bus that goes there. I would prob. need the SSI but I think one class and work study wouldn’t hinder it if I do get SSI.

I emailed my instructor and she said there are two other classes connected that I could take, and that a certification in medical billing and coding would prob be more advantage than pharmacy tech. in addition to the addiction studies. So next semester I am going to apply to the medical and billing class, which would be self-paced and mailed to me…but that might be more than I can handle…not sure…

Maybe instead I should do part-time work study next semester after I move out on top of the classes.
That would make more sense than something outside of my focus right now…I guess it all depends on what I can afford by then and what makes the most sense. I have discussed it and I have decided it would be better for me to move into town closer to everything…hopefully I will be able to soon…I just have to be careful and maintain boundaries with people…I hope that ends up being the right choice.

I am slowly building back towards recovery and success.


It sounds like you’re mostly interested in a counseling type position. I would focus on an associate degree in addiction counseling or what you were talking about. I don’t understand the medical billing and pharmacy tech association. Maybe because it’s a special technical school. Don’t they have a community college around?


I took a medical coding and billing course. I managed to pass it and get my CPC certification, but decided I didn’t really want to get a job doing medical coding or billing. The CPC certification is kind of expensive to maintain and you need like 36 CEUs per 2 years. Not trying to discourage you, just giving a little info about it.

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Yes great thank you for the advice. It is a community and technical college so offers various certifications but also I could upgrade to an associates and just have to take a few extra classes. Maybe I should ask about that instead that is what I first was considering…so I Just need to take things one step at a time.

I am on the fence about moving out…my mom thinks it would be a possible good experience my dad does too but is worried about it not being the safest area… @HitandMiss ok thankyou so much for the info. It sounds like it wouldn’t be something I would be able to maintain to be honest–its also not something I wanted to do moreso just an idea for a potential career. I think counselor or peer recovery coach would be a lot more rewarding and easier to advance toward.

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