They supposedly pay everything

My father in law is giving his wife’s brother 's family till the end of this month to get out. I know my mother in law won’t allow it but according to him he pays every single thing. I pay 705 a month my partner paid 858 last month it just pissed me off he said that. They have enough for 20 6 packs for him every two weeks of soda. And to get new furniture.


Hey cbb sup…??? How are u today…??

Frustrated with other people to be honest no one on here and not my partner just others. I’m having symptoms because I cant get my injection the old clinic discharged me and won’t give me my injection anymore. And it may take up to two months before I can get in to a psychiatric doctor at the new clinic.

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Geez, for this kind of money, it seems like you and your partner could get your own place.


We were planning on being out by march but since her accident things got pushed back. We have save money for her bankruptcy, ticket and repairs.

I’m so sorry, @cbbrown.

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