They say I have a plan

If I look anything up, they claim I have a plan. The problem is, as soon as these liars find you, they start with their gross plans for people and make you homeless.

I don’t think anyone is trying to make you homeless. Could it be a delusion?

No. I don’t think they want me homeless. They just want me sick. The first part of my lease wasn’t that bad, but when someone pounded on my door at 1:00am, I didn’t like living here. I gave some businesses my address, then stalkers made it bad. It’s hard to sleep here now. They’ve made my health worse, just in the last couple months.

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Who is they? 1515

They are: stalkers who are always lying about me and do gross things to me. They’re superficial people obsessed with proving they’re better than people through illegal means. I’m not exactly sure who they are. Women have always lied about me around here, because they don’t like competition. Men who lie about women, are angry that women aren’t attracted to them. Then there’s people trying to malign the mentally ill.

Well, I believe I’m being followed too so maybe I’m not the best person to help you. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

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yea sorry to hear you going through this… =/

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