They are stealing dogs around where I live

And selling them to Ireland who then send them to China for dog meat.

So naturally I’m anxious about my dog. However she is never alone and we keep w close eye on her when she is in the garden.



Why can’t China breed their own dogs for meat?

I feel like this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I think your dog is probably safe.

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That’s not profitable, dog meat is very cheap in china. I don’t think its possible that they can make money from that. Transportation to China is bloody expensive. Even for the mafia.

I hope it’s not true. It’s an awful thought. But I don’t know. Those are the rumours.

I don’t think the rumors are true.

Aziz is right,

No way they would make money on a scheme like that.

I truly believe it’s just a rumor and that your beautiful pug is safe.


They might steal dogs, but there’s not a chance in hell they’re shipping them to asia.


I think is is rumours. Chinese people have enough food for ourselves.


I think some cultures eat dogs.

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Yes, Jayster. Some culture like eating dogs.

Hi, jay

We had met in Mytheray forum, right?

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That’s really convoluted. The airfare alone could buy like 4 pugs.


@walterchang Yes a few of the folks from that site are here now.

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nice to meet you again. We are colleague and friends to deal our common illness, aren’t we?

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Yes, we are birds of a feather. I value your fresh ways of looking at topics I have been with so long.

Thank you Jayster.

Mrs. Jayster lives seven miles from here. I’m about to drive over there to see if she took her nighttime medication. She suffers the next day because she didn’t stay asleep long enough unless she gets her Trazadone.


OK. best wishes to you and your loved ones.

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