They added to my dignossis and I wanna flip

So apparently I have schizophrenia but on top of that I have PTSD (already knew that) bipolar (knew that) major depressive disorder (knew that one too) but on top of all of that I have borderline personality disorder and it makes me feel bad, I literally started crying soon after I got this news… I mean it’s not bad enough I have 4 things wrong with me but they have to add a 5th!? I feel broken, I’m devastated… Idk what borderline personality disorder is! I wanna cry… I wanna go home… I wanna hide and never come out again.


Sorry to hear that. Must be very stressful having to deal with all of this. I hope you can find a way through it.

I think I am in line to be diagnosed with other things, but I am trying not to worry about that.

Just have to do our best, no one should expect more than that. Just be a kind human and you’re winning even though it may not feel that way sometimes.


They would probably give me more diagnosis, but I’m pretty quiet when I’m in there.


So many? They’re changing the diagnosis or adding diseases?

Hm… who diagnosed you? If you have both schizophrenia and bipolar, the diagnosis is actually schizoaffective bipolar type, and that includes depression too. So it’s actually one diagnosis, not three. If someone gave you three, you might get a second opinion (sorry I’m a mental health student).


Yeah it’s one diagnosis that schizoaffetive


What they said. You probably just read the old ones with new add ons. Those all combine to make schizoaffective. My own stacked major depression with psychotic features, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar, ptsd, then schizoaffective when they looked at them all together.


Please someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you couldnt have both bipolar and major depressive disorder. I also thought if you have sz and a mood disorder then it is sza.

@ZombieMombie do you have any insight on having both bipolar and major depressive disorder?

Perhaps the diagnosis has changed and you are adding them all up instead of considering two/three of them as one.

They told me I have borderline personality and schizophrenia and PTSD. But I did some research and found out that the self harm can be part of the PTSD. My pdoc agrees but they are government hired doctors so I question them. I know I hear voices and have unfounded paranoia

You can’t. That’s why I said she has to be reading them as they were added or changed. My medical record reads in order. If I was to not realize it was evolving, I’d think they meant I had them all.

You can’t. All of those add up to schizoaffective bipolar type with PTSDand borderline personality as a possible add on OR just borderline personality disorder and bipolar with psychotic features and PTSD.

Borderline personality disorder co-occurs with bipolar and can be mistaken for schizophrenia.

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@ZombieMombie @Raven @Squanchy @Qirat @bedubbs @Greenmind @BrianTex @Joker I asked my therapist and he said I have PTSD, other unspecified dignossis, and on the schizophrenia spectrum. My therapist says he thinks I might have major depressive disorder with psychotic symptoms, borderline personality disorder, and my major depressive may actually be bipolar. Sorry for the confusion


Makes more sense. I originally had the major depression with psychotic features, the bipolar with psychotic features, then schizoaffective bipolar type. They do look like they stack so it can be confusing.


Thanks for the info!

I’m sorry about the possible BPD. I know it’s hard to have more added to your diagnosis as well as having it change a lot, but try to remember that you are not your diagnosis. Your diagnosis is just a part of you.

I know that’s of little comfort. I wouldnt like my diagnosis changing, but then again most humans are uncomfortable with change.

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If I listed all the things I have ever been diagnosed with it would be a very long list. I just say schizophrenia now instead of chronic paranoid schizophrenia but I have been diagnosed with damn near everything in the DSM except for a mood disorder.


Im surprised they add them up like that. Here in my country the “worst” of the diagnosis are concidered the diagnosis. For instance I have a lot of OCD and Anxiety, but I allegedly have Paranoid schizophrenia. But they dont give me 3 diagnosis. They give me schizophrenia only.

If I were to read personality disorders I would qualify for paranoid, schizotypal, avoidant and etc.

But no serious doctor would, except maybe for PTSD (wich I dont have). What Im trying to say here, is maybe your only diagnosis could be Schizoaffective with PTSD? Having both schizophrenic symptoms and bipolar symptoms is the schizoaffective, and the personality traits, can work within schizophrenia, to call you bipolar and depressive, It seems like they get paid per dix. Sorry but have you concidered a better psychiatrist?

In my country they have a different approach i guess…
For 6 years my diagnosis is psychotic disorder NOS

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Not sure if you know this or not, but “schizophrenia spectrum” is not the same as schizophrenia. In this case, MDD with psychotic symptoms / bipolar with psychotic features would be the “schizophrenia spectrum” diagnosis, and you can’t have either of those and schizophrenia at the same time.


You cant have bipolar and depression. Bipolar includes depression already


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