There's that famous delusion "I'm connected to the other people"

Not only connected to the voices, but sometimes to the other people too. Is it important for me to keep that delusion and not trust what the doctors and the others tell? I think that would be kinda selfish and also bad for the rest of my future.


I think it’s all smoke and mirrors and your not progressing sitting still and wondering about it.

I let my delusions go. Simply because I realised I was sick and to move forward I needed to let go of that. Do I believe what I experienced? 100%. But with some logic and meds I realise it’s just the misfirings of some neurons and nothing profound or enlightening.

So. I think it’s bad for your future to worry about the past especially if it’s delusions.


The only time I was connected to a famous person is when I got handcuffed to Kevin Bacon by accident.

(No one handcuffs themselves to him on purpose. Ew.)

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I sometimes believe I’m a nobody connected to everybody.
To me it’s a harmless belief.

Sz takes away the I-ness of experience, the center at which we experience the world. It can produce really weird beliefs and experiences, sometimes i start to believe aomeone had slipped me some lsd or something

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