There's a special place in my heart for chickens

Because, like chickens, I never had a chance.

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One turkey a year gets pardoned by the President of the US for Thanksgiving. Maybe instead of a chicken, you are a pardoned turkey.

I’m not that special.

The turkey doesn’t consider itself special until it is pardoned.

And then, how does he get along with the other turkeys?

Chickens outnumber humans on earth I believe.

Like we are smaller than the dinosaurs were, in our next life we will be as small as chickens. Room for more of us.

Well see, that is the thing. He doesn’t realize he or she is special until his moment. And then he is plucked out of the group and saved. She had no reason to expect to be saved. And maybe it is better for the whole group because each of them understands he or she could be the one who gets to die of old age. Each of them is potentially special.

And I imagine he mostly feels thankful he was the one chosen and feels compassion for those that weren’t. To himself, he is just a lucky turkey.

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I saw a good movie “hereafter” chordy that i thought you might like.

I’ve never tried duck. I mean they get bread tossed at them at the lake. But chickens are special. They are the founders of the first joke ever written.

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That’s dark. I like it <3

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