There doesn't seem to be alot of sports people on here

Am I right? :smiley: :smiley:


I’'ll follow just about anything as sport is one of the few things I can concentrate on. So most football, except Australian Rules footy I’m iin and of course I love cricket.

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I have a TV but I never watch it. I used to be a sports fan and I also knew a lot about pop culture. Used to watch the S.F. Giants and S.F. 49’rs all the time. I also watched that show Jessica Simpson had with her husband Nick Lashay and I also knew Ashlee Simpson and her career. Or I would watch “The Real World” on MTV; I would watch whole seasons!

And I can’t even remember what year it was but I watched San Francisco win the World Series. I knew who the Fresh Prince was. I watched a lot of TV in 1999-2003 when I was renting a room in this woman’s house. The guy renting a room to the right of me got a job at Comcast when they were just starting to be huge and the guy got all 7 of us tenants in the house the silver or golden “package” which meant we all got 200 channels for like $10.00 apiece. We all got like 7 versions of HBO, and 8 versions of Showtime and VH-1 and MTV etc. We got everything for the $10.00, even the “Playboy channel.” That went on for about 6 or 7 months.

Hey, archery is a sport. Be nice.

I follow the CFL! Go Riders!! :wink:

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