Therapist Kati Morton discusses Psychopathy

Psychopathy, or Antisocial Personality Disorder, is a pervasive and destructive condition that begins in childhood and grows into adulthood.

At it’s core, APD is a set of personality traits that go against cultural and societal norms, disregard the feelings and rights of others, and damage relationships and lives.

Approximately 1% of the population have APD. And although violence can be a hallmark of the disorder, an even smaller population are actually known to be violent.

There are many treatments to help those suffering from APD. Among them, psychotherapies such as CBT and DBT have proven to be most effective in changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors.

Medications, such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and sometimes antipsychotics, are also used when patients do not respond to therapy alone.

These treatments can help those suffering from psychopathy to lead safe, stable, and productive lives.

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I think that at the heart of it the psychopath has despaired. He has said, “If that’s the way things are, then all bets are off, and it’s devil take the hindmost”. That doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Most of them will frankly admit they’re sociopaths. If a guy tells you he has no morals it is best to believe him.