The wind finally knocked our power out

Our power went out like 2 hours ago, ughh… I am trying to stay warm with a few blankets and a cat. We do have a wood stove but it doesn’t put out much heat without a fan. It is in the lower 20’s here so it stinks.


was -28c when i woke up, I would freeze to death with no heat, hope it comes on for you soon!!


I’m sorry your power went out.

It’s very windy here too.

I live in the northeast part of the states.


Oh no! Does the power company have an ETA on repairs yet? Do you have a generator, or fireplace to get some heat going?

Not sure when it will come back on. We still have really strong winds.
We just have the wood stove.

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I hate when our power goes out because where I live it’s often for several days before it goes back on. It’s really windy here too.

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