The where are you from? Thread

Michigan here, lived here since I was six months old. Well except for a couple of years in North Carolina.

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Netherlands. Grew up here. Lived abroad for a bit, just shortly, as an adult. But came back. Kind of like it here, my loved ones are here. :slight_smile:

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Native Californian, born and raised,
On the playground is where I spent most of my days,
Chillin’ out, maxin, relaxing all cool,
All shootin’ some b-ball outside of my school.

(does this give me street cred I wonder?)


I am from New York.


Easy Fresh Prince :sunglasses:

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Massachusetts baby

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OK, I’ll try to restrain myself, unlike this guy:


Grew up in Connecticut, Missouri and Illinois. Lived in Florida and Louisiana.
Now I live in the Missouri Ozarks, been here for over 35 years now.

from what i’m told i’m neither an immaculate conception nor am i from a mother father situation. i’m more of something that just showed up one day.

i still reside in the usa.

i figure i’ll wait around for the spaceship that dropped me off to come back and claim me or at least give me an interesting origin story.

Native Chinese. I had spent 12 years in Australia. And most probably will go back to Australia when my husband retired. However I am enjoying my life in China now.


Born in England. Live in scotland

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Romania :heart_decoration:


I’m from South Africa.

I wanna move though. Preferably oz

Cali girl all the way

Greece. 1516164516

Wow, I thought that was two “L’s” at first.

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I live in DeWitt, Iowa, where I also grew up

I moved home from the college town to raise my kids here

then I bought a house, so I stayed.

I’m about 25 miles from the Illinois border


California call girl lol

Born in poland, but just stayed there for the first two years of my life. Then got to germany where I´m since 29 years. Sometimes my father takes me for two weeks to poland on christmas. He also lives in germany, also a big part of my family lives in germany. I´m bad at speaking polish, can not even read it. I feel like a german.

I’m from Leuven, Belgium a college town of 100K people + 50K University students. Feeling old :grinning:

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