The what word am I thinking of Game


please stick to the word you chose from the start
only yes no questions

let’s see who is good at this game

I have a word in mind…,

perhaps we have some psychics here…,





Is it a verb? Substantive?

Verb? No

Substantive? Yes

Is it round? Square? Is it black?

Round? No
Square? No
Black? Sometimes

Easy then to guess: is it Magic?

Lol…, nopes

A TV or electronic?

A shirt? Fifteen

Nopes,… 141515151

A cat ? Fifteen

It’s kind of hard to guess now that I think about it I’ll give a clue. It is flat and has pages in it.

Nopes… 1515151

I’ll give you guys incentive, the winner gets to choose the next word…

Newspaper? Still that’s already a joke… ‘what’s black and white and red all over’.

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Nopes… 1515151

Don’t worry everyone knows this word

Book or magazine

Magazine? No.

Book? No.

Though yes it does have pages.