The what word am I thinking of Game

Hard one Raelynn

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It’s flat, smaller than a standard book, thinner than a standard book, and has pages in it.

Diary or notebook

Nopes… 1515151

I dunno a modern day beeper/pager?

Nopes… 15151

Maybe ask more creative kind of yes no questions lol

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Can you buy it in a store?

Is it a household item?

No you cannot buy it at a store.

A lot of people have one of these.

You probably have one too.

Passport fifteen

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YAY!!! lol I gave so many clues though. But you guys got there.

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Passport. 15151

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Yasss you got it :sunny:

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Ok, i thought of a Word ! Guess!

Is it an object?

You did a good job!

That was cool; you’re a cool person!

And I’m happy I didn’t have to try and top it.

Yes fifteen fifteen

Aw thanks you’re also super cool :sunny:

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Is it a cup?1515151

No fifteen fifteen