The Voices

I used to hear voices constantly telling me that my family didn’t care about me and my wife was cheating on me and my kids didn’t love me or want me or need me and they used to try to get me to kill myself and they just made me super paranoid depressed and lonely and they destroyed my relationship with my wife and made me miss out on parts of my kid’s lives and it’s hard to explain the complete control they had over me but now that the meds are working and I can’t hear them anymore I’m left with the mess they made and it’s hard to clean it up I’m all alone now my wife and I have separated and I only get my kids for four hours for only 3 days of the week and it’s hard I feel like at times I can’t go on or do anything I feel paralyzed and lost and all alone it’s not as bad as when I heard the voices but I’m just trying to focus on myself cause I know now that I can only control what I do it’s a hard long road and I’m just taking it day by day idk anymore

I never had kids. At about age 30 voices gave me the option. I felt without an income it would be bad. My sister had a child 15 years ago! I hope he has more than one child when he grows to adulthood.

I’m sorry your illness got in the way of your enjoyment. There’s always the future.

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