The voices say they are going to torture me

Does any one else have the voices saying they are going to torture you or get feelings that your going to get tortured or getting tortured?


tell the voices to stick it up their ass.


The voices are always saying that they are gonna torture my butt and private parts

you must have a really nice butt


Lol no they are just weird

just tell him youll get em 10 times worse. and if they say theyll do it 10 times worse then just tell em youll do it back even worse lol.

or just tell them to ■■■■ off and that you know what there up to.


I am always tell them off but they ignore me and keep doing what they do

Here’s the thing.
Even though the voices you hear seem real there just part of your brain gone haywire.

So everytime they say stuff to you, just tell them that you know. And that you know what there up to.

Eventually with enough repetition it should quiet things down.

Ignoring them can make them louder sometimes (my experience) but just a simple acknowledgement of there existence can be enough to get things quiet.

Even though I know the voices ‘are not real’ , the experience is still real.

It’s like making peace with a bully. You know he’s there but you just want him to go away.
In your case the voices are your bully

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They bring me coicidents all the time. Iv tried to make peace with them but they say they just want me to suffer

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That’s some do-it-yourself CBT. :slight_smile:


That’s some do-it-yourself CBT. :slight_smile:

You sir are correct :blush:

They say my torture is so infinite that God can’t comprehend

Honestly, that sounds like a line from one of the Hellraiser movies.

What I can tell you is that not a single one of the threats my voices made over decades amounted to squat. When I’m not laughing at them I’m ignoring them. I never ever engage with them, they’re just pointless noise and I’m a busy person with better things to do.


Do you think thats true?
like if you cant make them go away just challenge them. , say so what, i already know who cares.

Voices do that sometimes. Especially in the western world ruled by a certain religion.

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its true, i was of that certain western one. I can relate to whats happening to the op.

torture is common delusion for me too
they spoil my life my normal life going
like by sleep attacks
it is disturbing really
but forget about them they wanna u become in nutshell so dont be
and be happy they dont want you to be


I often felt like the torture tactic of sleep deprivation is one of the tools in the voices arsenal.

Alien says that all the time. That he’s going to torture me. He torments me, insults me. At least Sarah is there to try defend me :blush:

I get the exact same, but they make it so I dont hear them anymore they just torture me and try to make everyone believe its me