The Village Chatroom is moving to another server or if you use a chat client : #thevillage on
port 6667


its a nice chat that i frequent from time to time,

great people and the mods are very good.

they are having a bit of a transition to another chat just now though but the link at the top should work

all you need to do is click the link and then go to the link on that page that says
type in your username into that box and start chatting,

i go there to try and get away from my problems and for some support, people can talk about their illness or anything really.

anyway i hope you can all come along and join in, its great to see new people and you are all welcome.
hope to see you there x

This chat room is slightly more restrictive than our previous one. For example, you can’t post links to other chat networks or sites. Also the site frowns on speaking of illegal activities. I believe the change in site is due to the old site’s intolerance of people trying to beat the system. Please be tolerant of the ops and remember they are people too.

The guidelines will be changing as we are switching networks.

looks like the transition is going well

if anybody has ever been to the village chat client please note that they have changed their chat client
due to unforseeable circumstances

please use the link to the new chat client above

and we will welcome you all here if you want to talk :smile:
the people are friendly and open about their illnesses

i like to try and lighten the mood a bit when i am there with a bit of humour

take care


Forums are simply better.

They just are.

Gives you more time you know.

Chatrooms i do not like.

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And apple pie is better that cherry pie.