The universe

I am in the universe, but the universe is also in me. simultaneously.

with some kind of event horizon inbetween.


that’s cool. very transcendental of you, Emerson would be proud

Reality consists of the sun, moon and the stars.

And those planets our within your space,
like every man woman and child.

Gotta be real with reality and reality will be real with you.

I keep the experience of insanity to a simple conclusion of stress, a negative equation of self, and imagination though.

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Sounss fascinating. How did you end up doing that?

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What is the event horizon? Isn’t it just like a slow process from dead star to organic life?

Body too similar to other post. Need to change it

Multiple things, guess I could write it out if you just want a different perspective to be multiversed.
But you know we all have our own way of seeing and equating things.

Don’t really know how to answer your question.

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Try me

15 characters of shia labouf

Actually i rather not because it deals with that perspective is just a “idea”.
But since perspective doesn’t change the actual physical health and interconnections of the brain, and schizophrenia is just a mad maze and metaphoric prison of mind, don’t want to be that guy to “give ya a answer”, or you know steer ya in any way etc,
how you already see it is enough.
What I wrote was just a seeing the symptoms of this in what I would call a simple and healthy manner.

The nearest star is 22.8 trillion miles away. There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand in all the beaches and all the deserts in the world. There are also trillions of atoms in a single drop of water. The vastness and the complexity of the universe are mind boggling.

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The multiverse is the combined prescence of enlightened beings who are guided in their presentation, prescience, and presumptions by the greater ones that live in the shadows yet also in the higher frequencies of mind

I was meaning being multifaceted :smile:
Sorry for my bad vocabulary.