The things people do for money

So that I have money to get toilet paper and laundry soap and be able to do my laundry I take a person back and forth to work tonight was an exception I honestly thought that I was risking my life and the weather that we were having although the vehicle did fine I had to drive at least 5 to 10 miles an hour because the city would not salt the roads this is a picture of a bridge that I had to cross


That is what we would say is hard yakka…ie hard work. Still. Glad you got through that and got the job done.


Scary stuff @DrZen .


Those roads are awful. I hate when the city refuses to salt. It’s so dangerous. Glad you’re okay @DrZen

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Being from Michigan, that doesn’t look bad to me unless there’s a large incline and/or decline and ice because it’s a bridge.


I was thinking the same being from Minnesota.

But glad you made it safely @DrZen

Good work!

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