Got an interview for peer support role but had to turn it down

I am not sure I can manage the 1h 43 m commute. The address wasnt clear.


Yeah, an almost 2 hour commute one way would be a deal-breaker. That’s 4 hours a day of getting to and fro. My father and stepmom commuted 6 hours a day for four years. And they thought I was nuts!


That’s too far. I’m glad you’re not putting yourself through that everyday

I used to catch a couple buses to get to work. It took about that long, an hour and 45 minutes. I really don’t put a lot of thinking into stuff that I do (or did). I should have looked for a closer job but Sears hired me so I took it. I was paid peanuts. I made about six bucks an hour to work my ass off unloading trucks trailers. I got myself up
At 6:00 am four days a week, ate breakfast, picked up my lunch and walked 15 minutes to the bus stop. Took the buses to get to work by 8:30 am. And then worked my ass off for 6 or 7 hours. I wasn’t thinking at all, there was a million other places closer I could have applied at. But I worked there for four years.

Living where you do, I wouldn’t be expecting to commute very far at all with the city on your doorstep!

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