The STI test came back


That must be a weight off your mind.

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Yes absolutely. Also I did it for my partner. I wouldn’t want him to be at risk.


Defo. You did the right thing

i think you’d know if something was wrong in most cases but i guess its just added peace of mind,

my gf and i went to my gp a few days ago to ask about contraceptives, she wants the safe pill progesterone and i will have to wear a condom lol

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I’m getting a coil fitted in a few days :flushed:

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So glad to hear that tests came back negative!
We need to celebrate lol

@anon80629714 Has your partner also had STI testing done?


Good question …no. :flushed:

I am happy for you! This was very responsible!

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Yeah your partner should be tested as well.

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The reason I got it done was because of the one night thing I had 3 years ago. It was playing on my mind. I didn’t trust him.

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What made you choose the coil over the filshie clips or other forms of birth control?

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Meds can’t do because of it interacting with other meds. And this is basically what she suggested. Wasn’t aware of clips. Don’t think it’s an option here.

Oh that sucks. Filshie clips are clamps that go on your Fallopian tubes. It’s a reversible procedure usually. It’s over 99.99% effective.

I misread this as fish & chips. :flushed:


You must be hungry

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@Moonbeam that’s hilarious!

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