The solution is outside not inside?

I read an article about how to prevent stress from becoming depression. When life sucks we tend to think a lot about solutions, I certainly do at least. Since im schiz I dont seem to stop, but continue until my mind just rambles and makes connections. I dont do this anymore, but even when I wasnt sick back then, I can remember speculating a lot.

This article said that speculations and ruminations and worry solves nothing, the answer is in the outside world. This approach were founded in meta cognitive therapy, which advocates that it can be used for many disorders.

Thats an interesting thought: Schizophrenics should look for solutions outside themselves. :grin: Any thoughts of how to make this work without becoming the man who talks to himself in the street?

I would almost suggest fake it til you make it as being outside yourself but rather I like be the change you want to see as if you can reach higher ground.

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