Metacognitive Interventions for Delusions in Schizophrenia

Metacognitive Training (MCT), an approach developed by Steffen Moritz, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Hamburg, Germany, is a group-based psychotherapeutic approach to treating both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, and particularly delusions.1 It comes in a module format, with each module targeting common cognitive errors and problem-solving biases, such as jumping to conclusions, bias against confirmatory evidence, and overconfidence. The approach is available at no cost in 37 languages.2


Oh wow! I want to read more on that. Great.

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Excerpt from the References listed in this article with a link –


2. Mortiz S. Metacognitive Training (MCT) for Psychosis available in 35 languages. Accessed June 4, 2019.

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Does this help you figure out what’s delusional and what isn’t?