The sofa situation has been rough but I think it's good now

I’ve made many wrong moves on the sofa situation for my apartment. The first one I ordered was going to be 3 months then it was going to be even longer so I decided not to wait. Then I ordered a loveseat that would be here faster but they backordered it without telling me. So I finally noticed and cancelled that and ordered another loveseat that turned out too small that I now have to ship back. I finally said forget shopping online and went to the furniture store and bought a sofa. It’s not exactly what I dreamed of but it’s comfortable and well built. And at least it’s big enough. They are going to deliver it tomorrow. Hopefully they can get it through the door. I measured, it should fit, but you never know, fingers crossed.


Hope it does the job @Leaf and glad to hear your in your pad and settling in. Well done to you.


oh good job on choosing that sofa =)
i hope they can get it through the door too.

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I hope you love your new sofa!

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