I have to build furniture now

Well to save money I bought kit furniture for my apartment and now I have to put it all together. I’m pretty good at it and have done a lot over the years so I know how to do it and all but it’s not my favorite thing to do. If I had one thing to put together I would be like oh ok no big deal but I have a lot. I have a table, 2 stools, a tv stand, a nightstand, a platform bed, which is going to be hard I think and a dresser. Then I have shelves to put together also that will be coming. I have about 3 weeks before my mattress comes and I start staying over there. I figure I should be able to build all that in that amount of time. Usually a kit takes an hour or more to finish depending on how complicated it is. The bed will probably take more time if you have to screw down all the slats.


Maybe put on some music or a movie, get some takeout, and have a building party. Could tour kids help at all?

It will be nice when all your stuff is built and you have all new furniture.


I enjoy building furniture. That’s probably one reason I’m a big fan of IKEA.

Try to pace yourself @leafy and ask someone for help if you need to move or flip over heavier pieces of furniture during or after construction.


I’ve done the same thing. The hardest thing was a dresser. Probably if you have someone help you, it will turn out okay.


yea, I was thinking the dresser would be hard with all the drawers and getting the slider into place.


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