The ruler of the world delusion?

Ever have the delusion that in the future you will be the ruler of the world? I don’t know why I had this delusion, it’s not like me to be power hungry, but I have.

If I was I would make sure I got chocolate for free :smiley:

But no. I’m only guilty of being world leader pretend when I was a kid I think.

Yep -12344321nm

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I want to say so many things but it will all lead to feeding your delusion more

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I made one of my voices, the main voices (JD), ruler of the world. She is a narcisist, and has APD, and is very much a Dark Triangle. I published the fact that I had installed her as global leader, because that suited her self belief. Despite this, all I hear her say these days are the following lines:

  1. I can’t get satisfied
  2. that’s what they (schizophrenics) are for
  3. I know exactly what lie to tell
  4. I told the wrong lie
  5. I want you dead; now
  6. no I won’t; and you can’t make me

Yeah dictatorship doesn’t seem to be a good thing.

To be powercrazed can be very bad stuff.

Delusions of grandeur.

Majority of My neighbourhood seem to have delusions of grandeur thinking they are so superior when they behave in disgusting ways.
Definitely not.

I have people I admire and hold high and praise and am a fan of but they are all nice classy people n when I say classy I mean how they behave genuinely etc and who they are is good stuff.

I had a delusions of grandeur many many years ago …
It didn’t make me hateful or bad behaved to others.

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no, my thoughts on the future are very bleak almost catastrophic.