Should schizophrenics rule the world?

  • Absolutely. Normies had their chance and blew it
  • No, I’d hate becoming the new normal
  • I’d like to hear first what a randomly set up Advisory Committee had to say
  • Yes, provided anosognosia is decriminalised

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I don’t really want to rule the world,
but change the world.

I’m doing that somewhat, thru sponsoring
my girl in Haiti.

My writing has too, power of the pen.


Neither rule or be ruled pretty much sums up my beliefs on the subject of power.

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we aare all a bit too fkd up and medicated to do that, maybe some of the higher functioning people but still thats a stretch

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I know, but it’s the (delusional) thought that counts.

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I think that it is absolute delusion.


That’s where delusion double bookkeeping comes in.

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