The RealFeel today will be 98F and

our AC still hasn’t been fixed. We may have to get a hotel room for my husband today. It’s medically too hot for him due to his condition. We will try wrapping him in damp cool sheets but I’m not sure if it’s enough.

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Why hasn’t it been fixed? If it’s money, I’m sorry, but…

In my city, there’s a place, if you meet income requirements, that can fix it, along with weatherization of your home, if you own.

If you rent, overnight a letter with the specifics. Tell them you’re going to have it fixed, if not done so in the next 24 hours.

If you aren’t in the US, please disregard this.

I hope this gets better for you.

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@JustTrish It’s finally been fixed. Lots of people were without power. My husband noticed they work on the rich neighborhoods first. It’s just the way it goes. We have help for heating.

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