The purpose of Life is - There is no purpose

The Purpose of Life is - There is no purpose. Being Goal oriented and excessively focused on something takes you nowhere.

It is better to be spontaneous and to live every moment as if it is your last. To live with such intensity that you feel like you have lived an entire life in 1 year :).

This is my philosophy of life :slight_smile:


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I don’t have a master plan… I don’t think there is a master plan…

But I do feel that I can create a purpose… I can try to lighten the journey of others…

Not all others… just a few others who will hopefully in turn lighten the load of a few others too.

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Thats a hugely nice purpose :slight_smile:

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the thread reminds me of this song

my personally purpose to life is, ‘‘I tryed’’


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The purpose of life is to make life better for other people. There are a lot of different ways a person can do this. In a capitalist economic system a person can make money making life better for others. If not that way, there are other ways.

That’s a good philosophy. But I believe in goals. Mine is that I will work as long as I am able to because it makes my life better. You could say that it is my purpose. Or you could also say that is my goal. My purpose is also to make my family proud of me and to strive to be as independent and fit into this world the best I can. My purpose or goal is also to get back to a level of functioning I was enjoying 15 years ago. It probably sounds far fetched but I have gotten a little better in my disease. The juries still out on if I will be able to accomplish that. My purpose may change in a year or a month or a day but for now, that’s what it is.

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My philosophy , is to work hard , and be steady and take steps everyday , big, small whatever.

My purpose is to hold clothes for my wife while she shops. The good news is that I am burning off bad karma like nobody’s business.


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Can be easier to accept that most able-bodied adults do work in order to pay their own expenses, and most of these are expected to support a family. Stinks mental illness has gotten in the way of this. But is simple goal to approach part-time to find a good fit, then move to full-time work if you feel you will be okay now.

Where do you work? What steps do you take? Maybe I could pick up a couple tips.

I spend most of my time in school , so I choose modules related to computing and I usually ace them. So my last 5/6 modules I got in the 90s in my results. That was down to hard work , I have also a general carers qualification where I took on 6 modules , and again got results in the 90s for all modules. Again worked hard. Its almost ocd like , so I wouldn’t recommend that , its obsessive to me that’s all.

In terms of life in general , if I’m faced with a huge problem , I deconstruct it (its the the enginneeer in me) , and I start with the smallest things I can do first , and I complete them , but eventually all those small things lay the groundwork for completing big things. Its not that I map things out in a calculated manner , again its the engineer in me.

I’m not sure will this help you tbh Nick , I’m a child of science , its the way I’ve always thought. For example I was so poor at English I took a lower level paper and only received a c in my high school pre college exams , but , I received an A in higher Level Physics and aced Physics for as long as I did it… So I’m not a smart all rounder , my brain works in a very particular way , I have lots of weaknesses and traditionally would have had poor artistic thought. The Sz has changed that abit , my artistic inclination has increased but still , to this day I know what my strengths are.

I guess after 50 odd years you know yours as well.

To give you another example , this year , I’m faced with a load of modules , to complete a masters but I have limited financial resources. So what module am I seriously thinking of taken. Straight off the bat , its the dissertation / thesis module. Why? For most people they would get the easy stuff out of the way. For me because my living situation is unsure , a dissertation would require more research , possibly less college time , so if I had to move a couple 100 miles , I could possibly still keep it going.

But also because a thesis is a self contained body of research in a nicely packaged document if I complete it , I can approach other colleges in other locations , should I have to move , and get access to another Masters course with another university on the merit of my thesis. And I may even not have to complete the thesis there. So this is how I think Nick.

Thanks, for writing that. Very interesting. I’m the opposite; I was always good in English and did poorly in high school science. I thought the experiments wee fun and interesting but I was not very good at analyzing and writing about the results.

Yeah I got that Nick , different thinking style and skills , so there are few hard and fast rules…you maximise your skills as best you can

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