The Probiotic Mixture VSL#3 Reverses Olanzapine-Induced Metabolic Dysfunction in Mice

In the future, your metabolic side effects may be treated with a probiotic.


The vsl 3 secret remedy.

I take a probiotic pill with 9 bacteria cultures of 15 Billion cfu. that should just about it cover it, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

Kinda expensive…

If only it were covered
Seems like it could help

Check at other sellers - it’s still not cheap but local stores in my area (southern CA) have it for less than $50. can sometimes have great and terrible prices.

Perhaps it could be if the FDA approved it for this purpose. It is FDA approved for IBS and colitis, although I don’t think that means insurance has to cover it.


The bacteria used in VSL 3 are:
L. plantarum, L. delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus, L. casei, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium breve, B. longum, B. infantis, and Streptococcus salivarius subsp.

Apparently it mist be kept refrigerated and is considered a medical food.

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Got to wait until I get money then I’ll look

I just bought Womens Probiotic Complex Vegetarian Capsules

They have a mix of strains but I don’t know if they are the same as you’re saying

it has got:

Lactobacilus Acidophilus 150 Billion CFU/g Providing:0.25 Billion CFU

Lactobacilus Lactis 100 Billion CFU/gProviding:0.125 Billion CFU

Bifidobacterium Breve 100 Billion CFU/g Providing:0.125 Billion CFU

Bifidobacterium Longum 100 Billion CFU/g Providing:0.125 Billion CFU

Lactobacilus Casei 100 Billion CFU/gProviding:0.125 Billion CFU

Lactobacilus Rhamnous 100 Billion CFU/g Providing:0.11 Billion CFU

Bifidobacterium Bifidum 100 Billion CFU/g Providing:0.095 BillionCFU

Lactobacilus Plantarum 100 Billion CFU/g Providing:0.075 Billion CFU

Lactobacilus Bulgaricus 100 Billion CFU/g Providing:62.5 Billion CFU

Lactobacilus Salvarius 100 Billion CFU/gProviding:62.5 Billion CFU

Which covers them all except streptococcus salvivarius, but had lacto salvarius instead.

At a fraction of the price of vsl.

If VSL 3 is meant to be refrigerated then if it goes by post the bacterium will all die and become useless. How would anyone get around this?

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They may survive a few days but not a month in your cupboard. I dunno, but they won’t ship my fish oil when it’s hot out.

It’s hard to say. There’s not much regulation on the dietary supplements. Because VSL3 has an FDA approval for IBS, it’s under more stringent requirements.

That doesn’t mean others might not be just as good, but without doing independent tests, there’s no way to say.

If it works for you, great!

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