Bacteria May Be at Fault in Antipsychotic-Induced Weight Gain

The 100 trillion or so bacteria that reside in the human gastrointestinal tract may offer an unexpected benefit—a means of countering weight gain from use of antipsychotics.

A solution to the problem of antipsychotic-provoked weight gain may lie in the bacteria that make their home in the gut, some researchers believe.

Animal research has suggested that bacteria that reside in the gut play a key role in energy regulation and obesity. A link between obesity and gut bacteria has also been found in humans. Moreover, John Cryan, Ph.D., chair of anatomy and neuroscience at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, and his colleagues recently found, in rats, that chronic olanzapine treatment altered the composition of bacteria living in the gut.

Cryan and colleagues thus reasoned that if they were able to find a way of reversing olanzapine-induced alterations in gut bacteria in rats, it might counter olanzapine-induced weight gain in the animals.

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wow, that would b huge if they could cure it. all i know is atypicals and most typicals make u ravenous 24/7. when i was on seroquel i was never full, same with olanzapine. maybe that’s y the shot now doesn’t make me eat because it bypasses my stomach and goes straight into my bloodstream.

My doctor tells me to loose the weight. I just look at him and roll my eyes. I don’t eat! I hate to eat! If I do all I hear in my head is a certain person telling me that have you looked at yourself lately in the mirror do you know how many calories are in that and your going to eat that, while I have 2 oz and they have like 16 of the same thing on their plate. So it doesn’t matter, I can get a food to eat and I choke on it every time I try to eat. I hear it, the negativity, the look you get when you have to go to the plus section, the fact that you cant find anything that you feel makes you like good. So I will put a few bites in my mouth but that’s it and I still cant get the weight off.I have an anxiety attack every time I have to eat, fearing the negative voice, it makes me cry most days. I believe the weight gain is from the anxiety and the pills. So I would love love love something that would prohibit being in the same room with calories that even the sight of them add weight. I would love to have self worth back.