The post office lost my package

I got a notice yesterday that my package was delivered to the post office. The post office doesn’t have it. They double checked and everything. It’s simply gone. I’m out 20 dollars. I’m pretty upset about it.

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I feel your pain. That never happened to me. It must suck. Were you not home? Did you order from Amazon? What was in the package?

I ordered from Amazon to be delivered to my P.O. Box.

You need to contact Amazon. They’ll either re-send the item, or they’ll credit the method of payment.

I can give you Amazon’s customer service number via PM. Just let me know.

I contacted Amazon. They said they’re going to contact the courier and if the courier says it was delivered, then Amazon will accept that it was delivered and that’s the end of it. I’m screwed @anon17132524

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Wow. That’s not like Amazon.

Sorry to hear that.

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It must be the new Amazon

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Sorry, I had a package the post office lost, but it was found 2 days later, hopefully they find your package


Yeah may have been delivered to the wrong address. Someone may redirect it back to you so not all is lost! Still. Crappy when your expecting things to have them not turn up!

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