Have you ever wished a package wasn't on time?

I have a big expensive order late from Amazon. I don’t know why they sent it usps, but they did. Well, it’s very late. Amazon contacted and said if it’s not here today I can get a refund. Well, that sounds great if I then turn around and get the delivery anyway. But it would be terrible if it’s just lost forever.


It wasn’t anything expensive (well, it was expensive for what it was) but I bought some photo prints from Google awhile back. I waited for weeks and they didn’t show up. Finally found contact info for Google Photos, they refunded me, then the photos showed up about 3 weeks later. Hope everything is good with your delivery!

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That happened to me once. The package arrived in the end but after I’d got a refund.

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I had a package go missing from Amazon. Wasn’t anything expensive but it was wanted so it was a bummer. Ended up ordering the same thing after getting the refund so it really just cost me time!

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I love how – whenever I buy a present for my wife – the delivery will show up when she is at home, but isn’t usually at home.

“What did you buy now?”




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