The Positive effects of adjunctive intranasal oxytocin in patients with schizophrenia

Our results indicate that daily administration of intranasal oxytocin may be effective for ameliorating clinical symptoms and cognitive functions in chronic schizophrenia patients, and this improvement may be related to the gray matter volume of the right insula and left cingulate cortex.

Full Research Paper Available for Free Download Here:

Sounds promising for negative symptoms.


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These Japanese researchers sound like they are on the right path…
liked this, firemonkey :+1:

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This research doesn’t contradict the OP’s research.

because , OP’s research talks about improving negative symptoms, and the later one (quotes):

“The hypothesis was that oxytocin would increase understanding of emotions, empathy, and facial expression and that the combination of oxytocin and social skills training would bring the highest level of improvement,”
“But the bottom line was in our hands ― in these patients, oxytocin was not efficacious in improving social function in schizophrenia.”

Tells us something else.

What …!!!

Two different result…!!!

"We had rigorous inclusion criteria around enduring primary negative symptoms,

With an SANS total score at baseline of 35, the SANS total score at study end point ranged from 31 to 35 in the three treatment groups, “so there was no effect of oxytocin on negative symptoms,” Dr Kelly confirmed.


You are right, I haven’t gone deep enough into the research you had shared.
I guess we will have to wait for a meta analysis, if there ever will be one.
I still think there is something in meaningful romantic relationships that helps with the negative symptoms on the long term, it might not be Oxycontin but something else, that’s just my poorly based opinion.
still… having no gf sucks :sob:cries in Hebrew :sob:

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We conclude that the evidence of beneficial effects of OXT in schizophrenia is inconsistent, calling for further research in this field.


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@GentleSoul you are in no position to tell people what to do.

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I am not telling anyone to do anything. I am just saying that falling in love has been proven to (naturally) raise oxytocin.


I would rather have low oxytocin over falling in love.
I would prefer almost anything over it.

Hugs is also good.

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@GentleSoul you are sort of a rogue user.
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If you want physical affection and falling in love, you are free to try to do it.
Do not push your agenda onto others.

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