The poll to end all polls

Tell us how you roll:

  • Doink.
  • Doink?
  • Doink!
  • Doooiiiinnnnnnk…

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This is a fascinating poll. It will take years to analyze all the interesting data you will gather from it.


I’m an oinky doinky. :wink:


I think we’ll have to reconsider what is spam with these polls! I think it’s not a bad feature but people will be people and take things to the extreme. Gotta love that about human behavior but doesn’t make for happiness in the community :slight_smile:

Excuse me, but this is the most important poll in the history of mankind. Well, next to polled pork because who doesn’t want a well-informed sandwich? Anyhow, I encourage deleting the other less important polls that aren’t as awesome as mine and can thus be called spammy.

So, um, there.

(See what happens when I drink coffee at 10 pm?)


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