The placenta may play a role in the genetic risk for SZ

The placenta may play a role in the genetic risk of schizophrenia (

“Over 100 genes linked to increased risk of schizophrenia appear to cause illness through the roles they play in the placenta, rather than in brain development directly, according to a team at Johns Hopkins’ Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD) and the Icahn School of Medicine.”

“Schizophrenia is estimated to affect 1% of the world’s population, and men are more likely to develop it, with onset generally occurring late in childhood or in early adulthood. It is also significantly heritable, the researchers note, with a heritability of about 50-80%.”



There is no clear text that indicates with certainty the actual causes that establish the phenomenon existentially or its symptoms functionally.

Everything mentioned in the research is just speculation that there are factors that may play a role in increasing the risk of developing the phenomenon. In addition to the lack of explanation of the mechanisms that link these factors to the phenomenon on the existential or functional level

Even if all of these factors play the role of catalysts - stimulants - they do not play any role in establishing the phenomenon existentially or its symptoms functionally.

How do you explain the symptoms of the phenomenon (as they are) with the functional characteristics available in the entire human genome?
Symptoms of the phenomenon: include internal symptoms that cause suffering to the affected person and which he lives with independently of the observations of the external audience; and external symptoms observed by the external observer on the words and actions of the affected person.

No one knows of a road map for how a hundred genetic loci are involved in creating misleading beliefs that are only and specifically consistent with the culture and knowledge of the affected person - e.g.


The hosts environmental and experience turning genes off and on via the placenta to the unborn child, perhaps.

Wow. This is a fascinating piece of research

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Turning genes on or off is an irrelevant explanation
The most important thing is that the gene repeats itself and makes proteins that have no functions in manufacturing cognitive material
You have to tell us how proteins can create our rational thoughts in a state of health ,and
create misleading beliefs / cognitive deceptions / withdrawal / projections / language disorders in the case of SZ.

What is the mechanism that transforms the protein substance into a mental symbol (idea; meaning message; concept) in a state of health, then the change that occurs in the structure of the gene or protein to produce the well-known symptoms of the SZ - this is regardless of open sesame or close sesame.